Free microsoft points. How to get free microsoft points

All that you need to do to get free xbox live codes using our xbox live code generator is to download the xbox live codes generator and generate your xbox live codes with the xbox live codes generator.
So we have opened up officially to get you free Xbox live codes. Unlike many others on the internet we deliver genuine free free microsoft points codes. How?We are around a dozen people who have been participating in different promotions conducted my microsoft since a long time and have a nicely big stock of xbox live codes codes and xbox live gold codes. So , we are just out to spread the joy.Update: Just renovated our xbox live codes. They are faster than ever and more efficient at weeding out used codes from the system.
You receive 100% genuine and free xbox live codes codes ranging from values of 400 to 4000. However all denominations might not be available all the time. Similarly , we distribute free xbox live gold codes and cards from values of 1 month to 12 months. Again they are all subject to availability.
Although we do our best to get new codes, cards and points everyday yet you need to act fast before somebody else claims them. Enjoy

This is the latest and working version of Free microsoft points generator . How to get Xbox live codes generator?

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Step 1.) Download the Xbox Live Codes Generator by clicking the Download button !
Step 2.) After getting the software, you can scan it with any anti-virus to make sure its is 100 percent safe to use
Step 3.) Open Free Xbox live codes Generator
Step 4.) Select tab !
Step 5.) Select the amount of codes you want to generate
Step 6.) .Hit the “Generate Code Card” button
Step 7.) Clicking the “Save in Editor” button allows you to save the generated codes to a notepad

Free microsoft points. How to get free microsoft points<